Recommended Climbing Plans
Recommended Climbing Plans for the Yoshida Trail

Plan 1: 2 Days and 1 night. Stay at mountain hut; see the sunrise from a mountain hut.

We reccommend start climbing from the 5th Station in early afternoon and arrive at a mountain hut at the 7th or 8th Station around 5pm. This allows climbers to gradually acclimate to the altitude and climb at a relaxed pace. The following morning, you can watch the sunrise from a great view of the mountain huts. This relaxed plan offers climbers plenty of time to rest at the mountain hut. The view of the sunrise from the 7th and 8th stations is spectacular!

Plan 2: 1 night and 2 days. Stay at a mountain hut; see the sunrise from the summit..

Arrive at the 5th Station around noon and have a relaxed lunch while adjusting to the altitude. Start climbing in the afternoon and arrive at a 7th or 8th station mountain hut around 5pm. Catch some sleep until around midnight and depart for the summit. Welcome sunrise from the summit of Mt. Fuji around 4:30am. Take a hike around the summit crater (Ohachi Meguri) then descend to the 5th station.

Plan 3: 2 nights and 3 days. Stay in mountain huts; climb at a relaxed pace.

The first day stay at a mountain hut around the 5th to 7th Station. With much extra time, taking a short hike around the Ochudo (Middle trail, 5th Station) would be enjoyable. This relaxed plan is easy on the body. The next morning welcome the sunrise from your mountain hut. Without the crowds that climb Mt. Fuji at night, you can climb with no stress during the day. After summiting, stay again at a mountain hut around the 8th Station and enjoy the lights of the world at night far below.

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