High Living Expense Assistance Payments to Residents of Fujiyoshida
富士吉田市物価高騰生活支援金(ふじよしだし ぶっか こうとう せいかつ しえんきん)

Due to the prolonged effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, disparities in financial policies, and the Russian war in Ukraine, costs of fuel, electricity and gas as well as household necessities have increased dramatically.

In light of these developments and in an effort to assist the residents of the city deal with this high cost of living, Fujiyoshida City has determined to distribute ¥10,000 per resident.

▶ DistributionApplication forms have been sent out by mail to all registered residents of Fujiyoshida City
▶ Qualified PersonsAnyone who was a registered resident as of August 1, 2022
▶ Amount10,000 per qualified person (irrespective of age or income)
▶ Payment Methodbank transfer to the head of household’s bank account
▶ How to ApplyFill out the application form that will arrive by mail and return in the enclosed return envelope <or>
scan the QR code on the application form and apply online

※The applications will be sent by post to addresses listed in the resident register as of August 1. For those who moved any time after August 1st please be sure to complete necessary steps to have items forwarded to your new address.
※Please always be cautious of assistance funding scams

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