City Subsidies for Renewable Energy Installation

Fujiyoshida City provides subsidies to promote renewable energy.

〇 Those who meet all the following conditions are eligible:
・Those who have an address in the city and have installed qualifying equipment in their house (including a houses that are connected with a store or an office that he/she uses)
・Must apply for the subsidy within 6 months (in the case of ready-built houses, after the house is handed over)
・Those who have not failed to pay city taxes, etc.
・Persons who are not organized crime group members, etc., as defined in Article 2, Item 3 .  

* Those who have already received this subsidy (including members of the same household) within the fiscal year are not eligible.

Eligible equipment and subsidy amount:

〇 Solar power generation system requirements:
■ The smaller of either the nominal maximum output of the eligible solar battery or the rated output of the power conditioner must be less than 10kw.    
■Have a power supply contract with an electric power company.    
■It is for residential use.    
■The product must be new and unused.
Amount of subsidy ■Up to 200,000 yen. (30,000 yen per 1 kW multiplied by the maximum output of the solar cell (rounded to the nearest second decimal place).      
Target ■ Individuals

〇Requirements for stationary lithium-ion power storage system:
■ Power storage capacity must be 1 kwh or more.    
■ Connect to equipment with a maximum solar battery output of less than 10kw.
■It is for residential use.
■The product must be new and unused.
Amount of subsidy ■ 50,000 yen per unit.
Target ■Individuals

〇Requirements for wood pellet stoves:
■ It must be a heating appliance that uses only wood pellets (cylindrically crushed wood such as thinned wood and offcuts) as fuel. (Firewood stoves are not eligible.)
■It must be new and unused.
Amount of subsidy ■Up to 200,000 yen. Amount obtained by multiplying the cost required for purchase and installation by half.
Eligible persons ■Individuals and corporations

Documents to be submitted:

When applying for the subsidy, please submit the Fujiyoshida City Renewable Energy Subsidy Application Form along with the following documents:
(1) A copy of the receipt and itemized statement pertaining to the installation of the subsidized equipment
(2) A copy of the document that confirms the specifications and standards of the subsidized equipment
(3) A guide map of the installation location
(4) Photos of the location before and after the installation of the subsidized equipment.
(5) A copy of the document certifying that you have signed a power supply contract with the power company (for solar power generation system application only)
(6) Municipal tax payment certificate (for corporations, municipal tax payment)
(7) A copy of the residence certificate (jumin-hyo) (for all household members)
(8) Other documents deemed necessary by the mayor

*A photo before installation is required for application, so please be sure to take a photo before installation.
* When applying, please bring something that shows the bank account of the transfer destination (bank passbook or copy, etc.).
*Please be sure to read the delivery guidelines.

The Ministry of the Environment also subsidizes ZEH (Zero Energy House).

Links to government subsidized projects (Residential Energy Conservation 2023 Campaign) Children's Eco-House Support Project / Advanced Window Renovation Project / Hot Water Energy Saving Project

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