55th Sister City Anniversary with Colorado Springs, CO (June 2017)

Fujiyoshida City welcomed an official delegation of 9 from our American sister city of Colorado Springs, CO in mid-June. The official delegation was led by Mayor John Suthers and members of the city administration as well as representatives of the city planning and development industry. This official delegation overlapped partially with another concurrent delegation made up of the young participants of the TOMODACHI program exchange, an ongoing two-year reciprocal exchange funded by the US-Japan Council’s TOMODACHI Initiative grant program. The members of the TOMODACHI exchange program participated in a homestay with the same students who stayed with them in their homes in Colorado Springs last year. Both delegations participated in several cultural exchanges during their time in Fujiyoshida City including an anniversary ceremony and formal reception and visited significant local sites including the Churieto Pagoda and Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja-Shrine (link: http://en.city.fujiyoshida.yamanashi.jp/forms/info/info.aspx?info_id=9102 ). It was a meaningful opportunity for members of both cities to look back on the long and meaningful history that exists between our two cities.


June 20 (Tuesday) Chureito Pagoda
Commemorative Cherry Blossom Planting
Tour of Fujisan Museum
Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Jinja Shrine
5th Station of Mt. Fuji
Hadachu Textile Factory
June 21(Wednesday) Official Mayor meeting at city hall
Tour of school lunch center
Department meetings at city hall
55th Anniversary Ceremony
Formal Dinner Reception


June 20 (Tuesday) Day tour of Tokyo
Asakusa, Skytree, Harajuku
June 21(Wednesday) Official Mayor meeting at city hall
5th Station of Mt. Fuji
55th Anniverary Ceremony
Formal Dinner Reception
June 22 (Thursday) Chureito Pagoda
Lake Kawaguchiko
Tour of school lunch center
School visit to Yoshida HS
June 23 (Friday) School visit to Fujigakuen HS
Presentation at Fujisan Hall
June 24 (Saturday) Host Family Day
Farewell party with host families

Mayor John Suthers and Mayor Shigeru Horiuchi at the world-famous Chureito Pagoda.

Members of both delegations at the official mayor meeting.

Mayors John Suthers and Shigeru Horiuchi with members of the TOMODACHI delegation in the mayor’s meeting room.

Mayor John Suthers speaking at the 55th Anniversary Ceremony wearing his medal of honorary citizenship presented to him earlier in the ceremony.

Members of the TOMODACHI delegation trying their hand at Japanese calligraphy during their school visit at Yoshida HS.

Learning about traditional Japanese music and trying out a koto during their school visit to Yoshida HS.

Members of the TOMODACHI exchanges wear summer yukata.

Members of the TOMODACHI delegation on their last night together.

★ For more information regarding our American sister city of Colorado Springs, CLICK HERE.
★ For more information regarding the US-Japan Council’s TOMODACHI Initiative, CLICK HERE.

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