City-wide loud speaker announcements (bosai-musen)
Each neighborhood is equipped with a loud-speaker notification system that is used to warn citizens in the event of an emergency, and to make city-wide announcements.

Routine Announcements

The system is routinely used for the following announcements:
- Limited entry to the self-defense grounds during the weekends(tachi-iri-kinshi)
- Bear sightings(kuma-no-mokugeki)
- Missing persons(tazune-bito)

Announcements are only made in Japanese. They begin and end with a chime and are repeated twice. Those with access to a television can see the announcements on channel 11 CATV - public access.

Other Alerts

On occasion, the system is used to observe city-wide moments of silence such as on the anniversary of the atomic bomb and the 3.11 tsunami. This is called mokutou and a long sustained siren will sound for one minute.

In the event of a system test, the siren will be preceded by an announcement.

Fujiyoshida City Electronic Safety Notification Service

The city offers a mobile notification service which sends warnings directly to your phone. This comes in handy in the event that you are unable to hear or understand the announcements. This service also sends notifications in English. Please refer to the attached PDF for information on how to register for this service.

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