¥10,000 City Stimulus
Residents of Fujiyoshida City will receive ¥10,000 of assistance funds

The global spread of COVID-19 continues. Japan has declared a state of emergency, and the country is facing a great economic crisis. The number of confirmed cases within Yamanashi Prefecture has been on the rise, and here in Fujiyoshida a COVID-19 Task Force has been established to fight the effects of the virus locally. Residents are faced with the fear and anxiety of living and providing for their families amidst great uncertainty.

As a small measure to help offset some of the anxiety associated with the current situation, the Fujiyoshida City administration in partnership with the Fujiyoshida City Council has determined to provide ¥10,000 of assistance funds to all residents of the city regardless of age or income.


■ Who can receive assistance funds?

Anyone who has registered their residency (has a juminhyo) in Fujiyoshida City as of April 1, 2020 (includes foreign residents)

■ How much can you receive in assistance funds?

Any qualified person regardless of age or income will receive ¥10,000

■ When will we receive the assistance funds?

The assistance funds are expected to be provided at the end of May after the City Council has finalized a budget.

■ How do I receive my assistance funds?

You will receive a notice in the mail from the city that includes a paper application form with your name already printed. You will be required to fill out the required information, provide proof of your bank account (copy of your bank book, etc.), and send the the form back to city hall. For more information please refer to the PDF at the bottom of this page


【 Assistance measures for small businesses 】

Plans are also in place to help small and medium sized businesses within the city to continue operations including plans to ease interest on loan repayments.


★ If you require English assistance or assistance in completing your application form, please contact the Fujiyoshida City CIR, Yumi at ☎0555-24-1236

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Flow from Application to Deposit
Explanation of Application Process & Direct Deposit of Assistance Funds
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