Covid Vaccine Information
Vaccine vouchers will be mailed to all residents. You will need to make a reservation with the information on your voucher.

Consultation hotline for questions regarding
the COVID-19 Vaccine for foreign residents in Yamanashi Prefecture:

📞 092-687-5164 【 Hours: 9:00 ~24:00 】
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◆Fujiyoshida Municipal Hospital West Annex 2F

◆Fujiyoshida Vaccination Center


BY PHONE ▶ 0555-25-6303 (Mon-Sat 9AM-5PM)
ONLINE ▶ HERE Japanese only (see English instructions HERE)

△ You will need a vaccine voucher in order to make a reservation. Only those who have received a voucher may make a reservation.
△ The vaccine hotline is incredibly crowded. If possible please make your reservation online.
△ You will not be able to make a reservation in person at City Hall.
△ Your 2nd round vaccination will be automatically scheduled 3 weeks following your 1st round vaccination at the same center, on the same day of the week, and at the same time as your 1st round vaccination. Please be sure that you can make the date for both of your vaccinations.
△ Inquiries regarding vaccine side effects can be made to the Yamanashi Prefecture Consultation Hotline: ℡ 055-223-8878 (8:30AM~8:30PM including weekends)


△ This vaccine requires the consent of the person being vaccinated and may not be administered without their consent.
△ The cost of the vaccine will be covered in full by the government. Please be careful of fraudulent claims of government affiliation. City Hall will never ask for your personal information.


 Vaccine Voucher ※You may not get vaccinated if you forget your voucher (Please do not remove the sticker)
 Pre-examination form - Please fill out the form in advance (those being treated should consult their doctor before getting the vaccine)
 ID (Driver’s license, insurance card, my number card, etc.)
 Okusuri-techo (Medication History Handbook) - those who have one

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