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Support for Ukraine
Fujiyoshida City will remain open to Ukrainian refugees and will be collecting donations for relief efforts.

◆ Regarding the conflict in Ukraine

We are heartbroken alongside the rest of the world as we watch what continues to unfold in Ukraine. Fujiyoshida City is deeply committed to the cause of Sustainable Development Goal 16: "Peace and justice for all" and stands with the Ukrainian people in this horribly troubling time. We pray for the restoration of peace in the region and throughout the world.

◆What you can do here and now for Ukraine

There are 6 donation collection sites throughout the city. All proceeds will be donated by the city on behalf of its citizens to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Collection Sites
・City Hall (main entrance lobby and south lobby)
・Childcare Support Center
・City Library
・Tourist Info Center

◆Future actions

The city will continue to map out its future plans in alignment with the national policy moving forward. Those who wish to assist the city's efforts in any way are encouraged to reach out to the International Affairs Desk.

Inquiries about contents
Fujiyoshida Office of International Affairs
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