New Smartphone Application for COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
The COVID-19 vaccination certificate serves as official proof of your vaccination status.
It is an electronic certificate issued via an official app created by the national government available as of December 20, 2021.

※ Please note that all paper forms of the certificate remain valid and may still be used as proof of vaccination.
(Paper documents were issued on site at the vaccination venue)

 ▶ Those who qualify for an electronic certificate

Anyone who was vaccinated using a vaccination voucher issued by Fujiyoshida
※if you moved or changed addresses between the time of your 1st and 2nd vaccination,
you will be required to apply separately for each municipality

 ▶ Different types of certificates

There are 2 types of vaccination certificates:
① domestic use
② domestic and international use
The information provided on each is different so please be cautious when selecting your desired format

 ▶ How to apply electronically

You must have the following requirements in order to apply electronically

① A smartphone (iOS13.7・Android OS 8.0)
② A "My Number" Card
③ 4 Digit Pin Code* for your "My Number" Card
④ A Valid Passport ※for international certificate only

*If you have forgotten your 4 digit pin or have been locked out, you will need to reset your password at City Hall

Download the app to your smartphone

Scan your "My Number" Card
& Enter your 4-Digit Pin

Submit your vaccination details
Download the app to your smartphone

Scan your "My Number" Card
& Enter your 4-Digit Pin

Submit your passport information

Submit your vaccination details

● Caution
The following persons are not eligible to apply electronically
Please apply via paper application
・Those without a smartphone with the necessary capabilities
・Those without a "My Number" Card
・Those with a different last name, gender, or first name on their passport
・Those using international travel documents other than a passport
・Victims of domestic violence
・Those whose vaccination is not record in the VRS system

 ▶ How to apply on paper

(1)You may apply in person or by mail
   Please fill out the paper application and submit it in person or mail it in.
(2)It is not possible to issue your certificate on the same day of that you apply.
   The certificate will be available for pick up within a few days
   However, if you would like to have it mailed please prepare an envelope with a return address and postage stamp
  (※if you are missing any necessary documentation it will take even longer)
(3)There is no fee for vaccination certificates
(4)You will need a power of attorney if anyone other than the recipient is applying

 ▶ Necessary documents for paper application

(1)Application form (see linked pdf or link here)
(2)A valid passport(※a copy of the first page containing photo and personal identification)
(3)Record of your vaccination issued at vaccination venue
   ※If lost or misplaced, present documentation that can prove your "My Number" or your address at the time of your vaccination

【 As needed 】
(4)Documentation to prove previous last name, gender, first name (if name differs on passport)
   Ex: My Number card with previous last name, driver's license, residence registration, passport with previous name / gender, etc.
(5)Return envelope(※ addressed with necessary postage attached)
(6)Power of attorney(※if anyone other than the recipient is applying on their behalf)

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