Personal seals (inkan / hanko)
How to obtain and register your personal seal.

What is a personal seal (inkan) and why do I need one?

An inkan (also called a hanko) serves as your official signature and is necessary for everything from opening a bank account, getting cell phone, and signing up for utilities. Personal seals typically come in the three following forms, though obtaining all three is not necessary.

The forms are listed below:

1. jitsu-in 実印: this is the most official form of pesonal seal. It is used for large scale transactions such as purchasing land or cars, renting apartments, etc. Your jitsu-in must be registered at City Hall prior to use. See below for more on how to register your personal seal and obtain a certificate of registration (inkan-touroku-shoumeishou)

2. mitome-in 認印 - This personal seal is for everyday use at home and work and is used for such things as signing for package deliveries. These do not require registration for use.

3. ginkou-in 銀行印 - This personal seal is made and used predominantly for bank-related things. Though your jitsu-in can be used for opening an account and completing transactions, many people choose to create a separate seal for safety and security reasons.

How do I get my own personal seal?

Online: hankoya.com is a popular online option though a simple internet search can provide you with many options

IN STORE: OHARA (オオハラ) a popular local office supply store accepts in store orders but requires about 10 days for delivery.

☆ Considerations for purchase (prices vary accordingly):
・material (ranging from plastic and wood to marble)
・size and shape
・font and character style (roman letters & katakana available)

Registering your Personal Seal

Why register for your Personal Seal?

It is necessary to register a personal seal and to obtain a certificate of registration (inkan-touroku-shoumeisho) in order for it to be used as your official signature seal (jitsu-in).

Where to Register:

Citizen's Affairs Section Service Desk (shimin-ka-madoguchi)
Fujiyoshida City Hall (First Floor)
(0555) 22-1111 ext. 141

Necessary Documents:

・Residence Card (zairyu-kado) or My Number card
・Your personal seal (inkan)

Price: ¥300 for one copy

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