Notification of Death 死亡届(しぼうとどけ) "shibo - todoke"
Registering a death in the family

Where to Register:

Citizen's Affairs Section Service Desk (shimin-ka-madoguchi)
Fujiyoshida City Hall (First Floor)
(0555) 22-1111 ext. 145・149

First Floor

When to Register: Within 7 days of death

Who can Register: Family members or co-habitants

Necessary Documents:

・Death Certificate (shibo - shindansho) This is provided by a doctor
・Personal Seal (inkan) of the person registering the death (family member etc.)
・National Health Insurance Card (kokumin-kenko-hokensho) of the deceased if applicable
・Latter-stage elderly healthcare insurance card (koki-koreisha-iryohi-hokenshasho) of the deceased if applicable

※ The Residence Card (zairyu-kado) of the deceased must be turned in within 14 days of death.
※ The embassy of the deceased's native country must also be informed.
※ If the body is to be cremated, an application for cremation must be submitted.

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