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Pregnancy Registration 妊娠届(にんしんとどけ) "ninshin - todoke"
How to register a pregnancy and receive a mother-child health handbook 母子健康手帳(ぼしけんこうてちょう)"boshi - kenko - techou"

Why do you register for a pregnancy?

Expecting mothers must register their pregnancy with Fujiyoshida City Hall in order to receive the full range of services and information available to ensure the health and welfare of both the mother and child.

Upon registering a pregnancy, expecting mothers will be given a mother-child health handbook 母子健康手帳(ぼしけんこうてちょう) "boshi - kenko - techou". This handbook is submitted at all doctor's appointment throughout the mother's pregnancy and child's infancy and serves as a detailed record of the pregnancy and the baby's development.

Where to Register:

Health Promotion Section 健康推進担当 (kenko-suishin-tanto)
Fujiyoshida City Hall (First Floor East Wing)
(0555) 22-1111 ext. 799

When to Register:

Within the first 11 weeks of pregnancy

Mother-Child Health Handbook (boshi - kenko - techou)

Necessary Documents:

・Completed Pregnancy Registration Form (ninshin-todokede-sho) *this is provided by your health care provider
・Personal Seal (inkan)

Other Services

・Upon registering your pregnancy, you will also receive vouchers to help offset the costs of prenatal checkups and routine health checks postpartum for mom and for baby as well as information pertaining to vaccinations and support.

If you require an English-speaking interpreter, please contact the International Affairs Desk. We are happy to assist you!

Fujiyoshida International Affairs Desk (IAD)

Phone: 0555-24-1236 (ext: 638)
Email: iadfuji@city.fujiyoshida.lg.jp

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