Information Regarding Income Taxes (Kakutei Shinkoku)
Tax season essentials for non-Japanese speaking residents

Tax Infomation Sources

◆ Fujiyoshida City Tax Section (税務課 zeimu-ka)

Click Here // for The Tax Section of Fujiyoshida City Hall website. This site provides residents with information regarding all types of taxes (including city and prefecture taxes, property taxes, and vehicle taxes). Most forms can also be downloaded directly from the site. The Tax Section is located on the first floor of City Hall.

◆ National Tax Agency (国税庁 kokuzei-cho)

CLICK HERE // to access the official English site of The National Tax Agency, "an external organization of the Finance Ministry" which oversees the appropriate assessment and collection of taxes in Japan. Their English site offers a breadth of materials in PDF format.

◆ Regional Taxation Bureau Telephone Consultation Center

*Yamanashi Prefecture falls under the Tokyo regional bureau 03-3821-9070
you will either be guided by an English automation device or by English-speaking staff

Income Tax & Resident Tax Consultation in Fujiyoshida

Starting Feburary 15, 2019 through March 15, 2019 there will be tax consultations for Fujiyoshida residents on the 3rd floor of the Fujiyoshida public library.

Consultation dates will be divided by neighborhood and will be offered from 9:00AM to 3:00PM

・Feb 20 (Wed) Oasumi
・Feb 21 (Thurs.) Shimoyoshida・Shimoyoshida Higashi
・Feb 27 (Weds) Tokidwadai・Tatsugaoka・Nakazone
・Feb 28 (Thurs) Matsuyama・Shinnishihara・Kamiyoshida
・March 1 (Fri) Araya・Kamiyoshida-Higashi
・Mar 5 (Tues) - 8 (Fri) Open / no neighborhood designation
・March 12 (Tues) - 15 (Fri) Open / no neighborhood designation

★ What to bring:

□ Your "my number" individual number card

*for those without a "my number" individual number card, you will need to bring either: the preliminary "my number" notification card or a copy of your juminhyo (resident registration certificate) OR one of the following forms of identification: your driver's license / health insurance card / passport / disability handbook / residence card

□ Your inkan personal seal
□ Your gensen-choushuu-hyou (statement of earnings)

※ Those who intend to file for exemptions should bring all appropriate materials.
※ Tax forms may be filed on site.

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