Japanese Class
Pre-registration and consultation is required before enrollment. Please contact the International Affairs Desk for availability of classes.

Fujiyoshida City offers Japanese classes for those interested in studying Japanese in a group setting.
The classes are taught by a licensed Japanese teacher with assistance from friendly volunteers.
Spaces are limited so pre-registration and consultations are required.

Please contact the International Affairs Desk (IAD) at Fujiyoshida City Hall for class availability.

Email us(iadfuji@city.fujiyoshida.lg.jp) or
■ Call 0555-24-1236

日本語教室 にほんご きょうしつ Japanese Class

日時:月曜日・水曜日・木曜日 (読み・書き クラス)| 19:30~21:00

じかん:げつようび ・ すいようび ・もくようび| 19:30~21:00
ばしょ:げつようび ・ すいようび )ふらっと(ふじよしだし しもよしだ 4-2-15)|(もくようび)かみよしだコミュニティセンター(かみよしだ4-9-11)
おかね(いちねん):ふじよしだ に すんでいる ひと: 1,000えん
ふじよしだ に すんでいない ひと: 2,000えん

Date and Time:Monday・Wednesday・Thursday|19:30~21:00
Location:(M/W)Furatto(4-2-15 Shimoyoshida, Fujiyoshida)|(Th) Kamiyoshida Community Center(Kamiyoshida4-9-11)
Fee (one year):Fujiyoshida citizens: 1,000 yen
Non-Fujiyoshida citizens: 2,000 yen

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