Hoikuen (Daycare) and Yochien (Kindergarten) in Fujiyoshida
Fujiyoshida City has a comprehensive childcare system for children ages 0-5 and for families with limited resources for child-raising.

*Find complete details about Fujiyoshida City childcare services in the "2024 Fujiyoshida City Guide to Nurseries and Kindergartens."  PDF link here, and at the bottom of this page.

*All information on this page comes from Fujiyoshida City Hall Childcare Support Section, located at the Childcare Support Center across from City Hall on Showa Street. The Childcare Support Center is open for consultations on weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm. Please contact IAD for more information (email at bottom of this page).

Overview of Fujiyoshida City Childcare System

Childcare for young children ages 0 – 5 is broken down to the following school/facility types:

0-5  Referred to here as Nursery School, Preschool, or Daycare interchangeably. Hoikuen is for parents/guardians fit certain conditions for requiring daycare services for their child, such as both parents working, or in the case of a single parent, full or part-time employment, that requires they leave their child with a daycare service. Tuition is charged based on income. Standard daycare is 11 hours from 7:30am to 6:30pm, and shortened daycare is 8 hours from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
3-5  Kindergarten. For children ages 3 – 5. Yochien is educational curriculum (classes and activities) to prepare children for elementary school, such as learning to read and to count numbers. Tuition is free (it is subsidized by city taxes), and any family is welcome to enroll their child. There are additional fees such as lunch, snacks, and event fees. Standard education hours vary by school, but is generally 9 am – 2 pm or 3 pm. Depending on the school, they may have additional daycare services for children needing to stay after-hours.
0-5  Certified Childcare Centers. This is a new simplified system that combines both Hoikuen and Yochien under one roof, so they accept children from 0 – 5 years old. The advantage is that they have kindergarten education from 3 – 5 years old, like a Yochien, but also include daycare services for young children 0 – 2 years old, and have after-education-hours daycare services for working parents.

***Some parents choose to enroll their child in only Hoikuen (daycare) from 0 – 5 years old, and not send them to Yochien (kindergarten). Yochien is not compulsory education.

School Entrance Application Proceedures

Children fall into two main categories, and the application proceedures differ with each. The first is children who require daycare, and the second is children who do not require daycare. "Require Daycare" is defined as families (parents/guardians) who meet certain requirements as listed below. If daycare is required, you must apply at the Childcare Support Center in October before the start of the next school year (in April) -- so about six months in advance. Those families who do not require daycare may apply to Yochiens directly once their child is three years old.

Child AgeMeet Requirements for Daycare?typePurposeChildcare HoursApply toApplication Period
3-5No1Kindergarten Education OnlyEducation Hours
(9am - 2pm)
the school directlyschool specific (usually October - November)
3-5Yes2Kindergarten and Daycare
  • Standard 11 hours (730am-630pm)   OR
  • Shortened 8 hours (830am-430pm)
Fujiyoshida City Childcare Support CenterOctober
0-2Yes3Daycare only
0-2NoXNone availableNoneNoneNone

In other words, parents with children ages 0 – 5 who want to use daycare (Hoikuen) services, must meet certain requirements, such as proof of full-time employment (see criteria below), and therefore must apply through Fujiyoshida City at the Childcare Support Center (Kosodate-Shien-Center). Parents of children ages 3 – 5 who want to enroll their child into Kindergarten classes (either at Yochien or Nintei-Kodomo-en) may apply to the school directly.

Daycare at Hoikuen and Nintei-Kodomo-en: The application period for Daycare services is the previous October, and the school year starts in April (so if one wants to enroll their child to start in April 2024, the application period would be October 2023 – six months early). Applications/consultations are accepted year-round, however availability becomes limited after the application period in October, and one might not get their first choice of school/facility. A pregnant parent may apply even before their child is born in advance of the next school year.

Kindergarten Education at Yochien and Nintei-Kodomo-en: Application deadlines for the following school year (April start) are usually in November, with most schools offering Tours and Information Exchanges either in October or throughout the year.

Certification Criteria for Daycare Service

Parents applying for daycare must fit one of the criteria for necessity of daycare service as listed below, and provide relevant documents proving their situation.
1Employment Full-time or part-time, nighttime, in-home work, etc.
(Must work at least 4 hours per day, 4 days per week, 64 hours per month, and 16 days per month in actual labor, meeting all requirements)
2Pregnancy, childbirth (the period of certification is from two months before the due date to three months after the month of delivery.)
※At the end of the certification period, the child will be discharged.
3Illness, injury, disability, etc. of the guardian
※The certification period is the period indicated on the doctor's certificate.
4Necessary care and nursing of relatives who live together or are hospitalized for a long period of time
5Disaster recovery
6Job search activities *Continuing job search activities
(Including preparation for starting a business. (The certification period is for 3 months only. It cannot be extended.)
7School attendance (including vocational training at vocational schools, etc.)
8Threat of abuse or domestic violence
9Continued use during childcare leave (the period of certification is until the end of the fiscal year in which the child born turns one year old)
※Only guardians who were certified for employment are eligible.
10Other individual certification based on family circumstances, etc.

List of Facilities in Fujiyoshida

Facility Name Address Ages Facility Hours Days Telephone Entrance
Fujiyoshida City (Public) Daycare Centers (Hoikuen)
Dai-Ichi Hoikuen Shinmachi 1-2-1 0-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 11-0707  
Dai-San Hoikuen Shimoyoshida Higashi 2-14-21 0-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 22-4010  
Dai-Yon Hoikuen Matsuyama 4-11-27 0-5 7:30am-6:30pm M-Sa 22-4177  
Dai-Go Hoikuen Araya 4-2-37 0-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 23-6346  
Dai-Roku Hoikuen Nakasone 1-10-1 0-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 23-6670  
Dai-Nana Hoikuen Koasumi 4-9-1 0-2 730am-630pm M-Sa 25-6639  
Nintei-Kodomo-en (Certified Childcare Centers -- Daycare and Kindergarten)
Arakura Yochien Asama 1-5-5 2-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 23-5753 *April only
Shotoku Yochien Shimoyoshida 3-41-15 2-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 22-0099 *April only
Fuji Hoikuen Kamiyoshida 7-7-1 0-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 22-0971  
Nursery Koko Shimoyoshida 8-23-25 0-5 7:30 am-6:30 pm M-Sa 72-9841 *April only
Ubuntu Fuji no Mori Araya 5-1-2 0-5 730am-630pm M-Sa 22-5678 *April only
Small Scale Nurseries
Ubuntu Nijiiro Fujimi 1-1-5 0-2 730am-630pm M-F 24-3500 *April only
Ubunto Aozora Shimoyoshida 9-9-8 0-2 730am-630pm M-F 22-1077 *April only
Nichii Kids Kamiyoshida 4246-19 0-2 8am-7pm M-Sa 21-5800  
Kids Plaza Ohisama Kamiyoshida Higashi 3-1-68 0-2 730am-630pm M-Sa 72-9242 *April only
Fairwise Hoikuen Kamiyoshida Higashi 4-8-4 0-2 730am-630pm
*extended hours
& Hol
23-3033 *April only
Mori no Ie Hoikuen Kamiyoshida 4584  0-2 730am-630pm
*extended hours
& Hol
23-3000 *April only
Ours Homelike Shinnishihara 3-13-6 0-2 730am-7pm M-Sa 080-1330
*opens in 
Gekkoji Yochien Shimoyoshida 3-26-16 3-5     22-0697  
Chiisaki Hana
Kamiyoshida 3-5-7 3-5     22-1409  

1. When can you apply for entrance for your child?
Applications and consulatations for daycare facilities are accepted year-round, however the official application period is October, and daycare starts the following school year in April.  For example, to start at a daycare facility in April of 2024, the application period was October 2nd – 27th, 2023.  Although this period is almost 6 months in advance of the start of the school year, it is necessary to apply at this time to get your first choice in daycare facilities.  Consultations and applications for mid-year entrance may be accepted all year round, however the facilities become limited and you probably won’t be able to get your first choice.  Also, if you miss the application period in October, you may have to wait until the next April to apply.  

Applications for private Yochiens are due usually in November (apply directly to the school), and most Yochiens host information sessions either in October or year-round.  

2. Is there a difference in fees between public and private facilities?
No, there isn’t. Ages 3-5 may attend kindergarten for free (Yochien and Nintei-Kodomo-En), however, there are additional charges for lunch (about \1000 per month) and for snacks (about 4500 per month) which varies slightly depending on the facility you are using. *Note the snack fee (fukushoku-hi) is more expensive than the lunch fee (shushoku-hi) because it is not subsidized, but it is still compulsory (you can’t opt out of the snack fee). For ages 0-2 there is a tuition fee for attendance at any facility, which is adjusted based on income. In other words, you only have to pay tuition for a child in childcare from ages 0-2. 

3. What’s the difference between a Nintei-Kodomo-en and a Yochien?
Nintei-Kodomo-en is a new system that combines a Hoikuen and Yochien together so you can keep your child in the same school from 0 – 5 years old (while starting kindergarten education from 3 years old). Also, most Yochien offer only kindergarten education and not daycare after-hours, whereas a Nintei-Kodomo-en offers both at the same time, so for families who need to keep their child in daycare after typical Yochien (kindergarten) education hours, the Nintei-Kodomo-en is a convenient system.  

4. Even if I don’t fall under one of the certification categories for necessity of daycare service (such as full-time employment of both parents), can I still use a daycare service for my 0-2 year old child?
For children ages 0 – 2, no, you can’t. You have to find a babysitting service on your own. Of course, once the child turns 3, you can enroll in a Yochien or Nintei-Kodomo-en for free (plus other fees as stated above in FAQ number 2).  

5. What’s the difference between public and private daycare centers?
In terms of application procedure and school fees, there really isn’t any difference. Most parents choose a daycare service that is closest to their home or work. To use any Daycare facility, whether public or private, you have to go through the same application process, which is hosted by the Fujiyoshida City Childcare Support Center (Kosodate-Shien-Center). Applications for Yochien for children 3-5 (if you don't require daycare) may be done at the school directly.  

6. When do I have to submit the additional application documents, as shown on page 11 of the guidebook?
Please submit the additional documents at the same time (together with) your application. 

7. Are children from 3 – 5 really free? At all facilities?
Yes, tuition is completely free, it is paid as part of the support services of the city. However, costs for additional charges, such as meals, snacks, and other events, vary depending on the school.  

8. Who is eligible to apply for reduction of tuition fees?
Tuition fees only apply to children using Hoikuen (or Hoiku at a Nintei-Kodomo-en) from the ages of 0 – 2. During that time, families whose total income is less than \6,400,000 per year may apply. Reduction of fees is only applied to families who have more than one child in daycare services and only applies to the 2nd child and above (the family must still pay tuition for the first child).  

9. What are “standard operating hours” and “short hours” of the daycare facilities?
Standard daycare hours are 11 hours from 7:30am to 6:30pm, and are meant for parents and guardians who are working full time (to qualify for this service you basically must be working more than 120hours per month). Shortened hours are 8 hours from 8:30am to 4:30pm and are meant for guardians who are working part-time. *Note that guardians who are working full-time (more than 120 hours per month) may request shortened hours as well. 

10. Are there exemptions from the meal fees?
Yes. Please refer to page 18 of the guidebook for details. Depending on your income and whether or not you are a single parent, you may be eligible for exemption for one or all of your children. 

11. At a Nintei-Kodomo-en, can a child do five years of only daycare service, and skip the kindergarten education?
We’re not sure why you’d want to do that, but no, not really, once your child turns 3 and is enrolled at a Nintei-Kodomo-en, they will start kindergarten education along with the other students, and if daycare service is necessary beyond normal kindergarten education hours (typically 9am – 2pm) your child can stay for the standard daycare hours (until 6:30pm).  

12. Can I pick my child up from daycare early?
Yes, basically once kindergarten classes have finished, parents can start to pick up their children (from about 2 pm or 3pm) depending on the school. Please consult with your child’s school for more specific information. 

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