City-wide Security Camera in Operation
The city has installed security cameras in 15 locations throughout the city when children go to/from school and as well as responses to crimes/accidents. In order to ensure the protection of personal privacy, footage from the security cameras is strictly regulated and cannot be used for purposes other than public safety.

Rules Regarding Use of Footage

・Security cameras will be in operation 24 hours a day but privacy will be protected and individuals will not be monitored.
・In the event that portions of an individual’s house is within the frame of footage, they will be blacked out.
・The footage will be kept for 14 days and will be deleted if there are no reported incidents.
・The footage is protected by several layers of security to ensure that it will not be leaked to the public.
・The use of footage will only be permitted in the event that police or other law enforcement personnel have filed a statement of intent. Their statement will be reviewed by city officials and the footage will only be made available following close speculation of the implications on public safety.

Camera Locations

① Kamiyoshida 4508-10
② Kamiyoshida-Higashi 7-33
③ Kamiyoshida 6-1
④ Shinnishihara 2-20
⑤ Kamiyoshida Higashi 4-8
⑥ Arakura 3350-15
⑦ Oasumi 3-6
⑧ Midorigaoka 1-5
⑨ Asahi 1-5
⑩ Shimoyoshida 3-9
⑪ Koasumi 2-3
⑫ Fujimi 2-9
⑬ Shinmachi 3-16
⑭ Kamikurechi 1-18
⑮ Kamikurechi 4-1

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