Fuji-Q Highland

 Fuji-Q Highland is a world-class amusement park located near the Yokomachi Bypass and the Kawaguchiko IC on the Chuo Expressway. Highland Station on the Fujikyu Line is directly connected to the amusement park, and is the easiest way to access the park. One can easily see Fuji-Q Highland’s rollercoasters, Ferris wheels and other colorful attractions from many places inside Fujiyoshida City.

 Fuji-Q Highland boasts many world-class roller coasters including “Fujiyama”, which was the world’s tallest rollercoaster when it opened in 1996, and is now ranked number four in the world, “Zokkon”, which has just opened in 2023 whose seats mimic riding a motorcycle, and “Takabisha” which has a horrifying 121°freefall and held the record for the world’s steepest rollercoaster until 2019.

images via: https://fujiyoshida.net/en/see-and-do/48

Other attractions include “The Haunted Hospital” which is the world’s largest haunted attraction, and “Thomas Land” a Thomas the Train themed children’s attraction. Special Events may happen seasonally such as sunrise viewing parties during the New Year season, concerts and world food fairs.

Open: Generally every day from 10am to 5 or 7pm depending on the day.
Tickets: ¥6000 for full day free pass, available online and QR code directly to your smartphone.
Website: https://www.fujiq.jp/en/

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