Getting Around Fujiyoshida

  Fujiyoshida City is situated on the northern foot of Mt. Fuji.  There are four rivers, and the town is surrounded by mountains.  Kawaguchiko Town is next door to the North, and Oshino Village and Yamanakako Villages are over the hills and through the woods to the South.  You can generally see Mt. Fuji from anywhere in the city to the South-West. 
  Walking is one of the best ways to get around in Fujiyoshida. It is often said that anywhere you want to get to in town is about a 20 minute walk away. This is true as long as you're not going to or coming from the Yokomachi Bypass area (the large bypass that runs from Kawaguchiko past Fuji-Q Highland and Sengen Shrine to Oshino and Yamanakako at the "top" of Fujiyoshida (the Mt. Fuji Side). Other than the Yokomachi Bypass area, if you're in town, it's not too far to walk to most places, and while helping the environment you may just discover some of the hidden gems of Fujiyoshida --  
  The Fujikyu Railway Line runs from Otsuki Staiton, which connects to JR trains going to Tokyo. The line runs from Otsuki Station to Kawaguchiko station, with stops at Shimoyoshida, Fujisan, and Highland stations along the way. The total trip from Otsuki to Kawaguchiko Station is about 45 minutes at 1,170yen (proudly one of the slowest and most expensive railway lines in Japan). Not to take away from the Fujikyu Line -- it has some cool trains, such as the Thomas Land train, decked out in Thomas the Train livery and interior, and the Fujikyu Line is a great way to get around to some of the better spots in Fujiyoshida.

You can rent bikes at Shimoyoshida Station or Fujisan Station. Just don't forget that if you go down the hill, you have to somehow get back up it. Bikes are not allowed on trains in Japan, unless you're able to fold it into a carrying bag. 
  There have also been spottings of electric kickboard rentals around town, but beware that they require a gentsuki scooter license (or international drivers license) and helmets. They have registered license plates on them, and you can only use them on the street (not sidewalks). 

  Fujikyu Co. Runs a Fujiyoshida bus service called "Town Sneaker" to local destinations within Fujiyoshida. Although service is limited to only 5 buses per day per route (roughly one every two hours), you may find the Town Sneaker convenient for traveling around Fujiyoshida. Click here for full information on routes and times. Fujikyu also runs a convenient bus line called "Fujikko-go" which runs approximately every 30 minutes between Kawaguchiko Station, Fuji-Q Highland, Fujisan Station, Oshino, and Yamanakako (and some buses continue to run down to Gotemba). Timetable here (Japanese). 
  Although cars are not neccessary for visiting Fujiyoshida, they are convenient for accessing other areas of the Fuji Five Lakes Region, such as Yamanakako, Kawaguchiko, and other tucked away mountain areas such as the Aokigahara Forest. There is a car rental shop at Fujisan Station:http://rentacar.carlifestadium.com/ 
 There are various taxi services...minus distant locations such as trail heads tucked away in the mountains, you can get anywhere in Fujiyoshida for about 1000 to 1500yen. "Daiko" is a driving service that will drive you and your car back home after a night out drinking. Be aware that on weekend nights in Fujiyoshida you may want to reserve your Taxi or Daiko at least one or two hours in advance. 


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