"Town Sneaker" Bus Information
The Town Sneaker is a convenient bus service managed by Fujikyu that runs to various locations in Fujiyoshida.


The "Town Sneaker" (as in sneaker-shoes) local bus system was established in 2001 to help Fujiyoshida residents freely travel to important destinations in the city. There are three routes, and each have a clockwise and counterclockwise loop. To ride the Town Sneaker is ¥100 yen from any point. Fujikyu offers a day pass for both the Town Sneaker and the Fujikyu Train Line (limited to Shimoyoshida, Gekkoji, and Fujisan Station) for sale at any of the Fujikyu Stations. There are also "Free Boarding Zones" throughout the city where you don't have to be at a bus stop to flag down the bus and get on (you still have to pay the fare).

Although the buses are fairly infrequent (basically one every hour per route) you may find the Town Sneaker a convenient choice for getting around Fujiyoshida.


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