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Please pay attention to weather conditions, be prepared, and hike at your own risk. As of 2023 there has been increased bear activity in lower foothill regions, and there are relatively frequent sightings of wild boars.


 Shakushiyama is located between Fujiyoshida and Oshino Villages and can be seen as the large mountain on the Western edge of Fujiyoshida. The top of the mountain offers great views of Fujiyoshida stretching to Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji.
From Fudo no Yu Onsen Guest House, the hike takes about 2 – 3 hours to the top.

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 Arakurayama is the large mountain on the North East edge of Fujiyoshida on which rests Chureito Pagoda. From the pagoda you can continue to hike up the mountain from the trail that runs behind the observation deck. To the top of Arakurayama is about one hour from Chureito Pagoda. Along the way, about 10 minutes from the pagoda there is a large iris field that blooms around the beginning of June. Although the climb offers some stunning views of Fujiyoshida, the view from the top is still relatively blocked off by the forest. For the more adventurous, the trail continues to connect to Mt. Mitsutogue, another 2 – 3 hours hike.

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Mitsutoge is one of the largest mountains in the area with excellent views of Mt. Fuji and large rock cliffs popular with local rock climbers. There are several routes up Mitsutoge starting with Arakurayama route from Chureito Pagoda. There are also routes starting from Mitsutoge Green Center in Nishikatura, which runs up the South West valley and underneath the Mitsutoge cliff, and the Kawaguchiko route which starts from behind Kawaguchiko Sengen Shrine and leads past Haha no Shirotaki Waterfall. A variety of trail variations lead off to the KachiKachiyama Ropeway and Mt. Misaka to the North of Lake Kawaguchiko.
Generally the longest route with the most elevation gain is the Mitsutoge Green Center route from Mitsutoge Station on the Fujikyu Line. The climb takes about 4 – 5 hours to the top and can be done roundtrip in about 7 – 8 hours. You can also choose to loop into the Kachikachiyama or Sengen Shrine routes on the way down to arrive in the Kawaguchiko area.

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