Oshi no Ie (Pilgrims' Houses)

 The Oshi no Ie are lodging houses for Pilgrims of the Fuji faith (Fujiko) that were active during the Edo to the Meiji Period (1603 – 1912). This part of Kamiyoshida (the area from the Kanadorii Torii Gate to Sengen Shrine – Also where the Yoshida Fire Festival is held every August) was home to as many as 90 Oshi no Ie during that period, and a few in which you can still stay, survive today. The Former Togawa Family Residence (Kyu-Togawa-ke-jutaku) is a refurbished Oshi no Ie that acts as a history museum and representative example of the construction and layout of the old houses, some which stretched over 80 meters in length from the street and contained their own temples and shrines at which pilgrims could pray before starting their climb up sacred Mt. Fuji.

The Former Togawa Family Residence: about a 5 minute walk towards Fuji from Kanadorii (Torii Gate)
Open: 930am – 5pm every day except Tuesday (closed)
Entrance: 100yen

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