Fujisan Station and Kanadorii

 Fujisan Station (Mt. Fuji Station) is a station on the Fujikyu Train Line in the center of Fujiyoshida. The Q-Sta Department store is connected to the station and there are numerous local and highway bus terminals as well as the Fujiyoshida Tourist Information Center.

 Fujisan Station is the closest train station to Fuji Sengen Shrine, which is about a 20 minute walk from the station. The station building is connected to the Q-Sta Department store, which has four floors of various shops, including a Daiso \100 store, a Muji (misc. housing and clothing goods store), and various Fuji Souvenir Stores. There is a fitness center and Mt. Fuji observation deck on the 6th floor, and a Remote Work area on the 2nd floor. Along with taxis and local buses the station also has a car rental and bicycle rental shop.

 Fujisan station also has free parking for cars, which is a good option if you are traveling by car and plan on visiting Chureito Pagoda. Chureito can get very crowded especially on weekends and during autumn and spring peak seasons. So if you’re travelling by car, it is best to park at Fujisan Station and ride the Fujikyu Line to Shimoyoshida Station and walk to the Pagoda from there.

 Kanadorii, the first Torii gate marking the sacred space of Mt. Fuji and originally built in 1788, is another popular Mt. Fuji viewpoint in the city. The street that runs towards Fuji from Kanadorii is where the Fire Festival is held every August, and one can see the circular concrete pads in the middle of the street where the over 70 2-meter-high torches are placed. This area of town was traditionally where the Oshi-no-Ie were, where pilgrims of the Fujiko Faith would come and stay before starting their climb up Mt. Fuji over 500 years ago. Many Oshi-no-Ie have been handed down over many generations and are still in operation today.

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