Nishiura is the historic district located in Shimoyoshida that developed during the prosperous Showa years alongside the booming textile industry. Since the 1960s and the proliferation of cheap foreign textiles in Japan, the textile industry and therefore the Nishura nightlife has declined, however remenants of the former glorious "gachaman" (money making) culture and establishments remain.

Nishiura is a 5 min walk from Gekkoji Station. At night you can go to various izakayas (Japanese style pubs), “snack” bars, and karaoke bars. While you walk in Nishiura, you are surrounded by lanterns and lights as you wander into the zigzag of streets reminiscent of the Showa Era. It’s an excellent place to enjoy a night in Fujiyoshida.

 Near "Kanapai Street" there are several bars and restaurants with English speaking staff (Masadon Kitchen, and 3 Piece). The former has Japanese style drinks and seasonal beers. The latter has Western style food and drinks.

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