Fujisan Museum and Area

 Fujisan Museum is Fujiyoshida’s local history museum that specializes in the history of the Fuji region including the Fujiko (Fuji faith) pilgrims who came from all over to Japan to stay in Fujiyoshida and climb Mt. Fuji. The museum is surrounded by lush momiji forests and walkways, as well as a newly created (2023) park at the adjacent Kaneyama Waterfall. There is a Mt. Fuji observation deck, and the Museum grounds host several reconstructed Oshi-no-Ie (Pilgrims’ Inns) that were formally used in the Kamiyoshida area. The reconstructed Osano House now hosts the Konohana Café (2023), where you can enjoy food, drinks, and sweets under the welcoming wooden beams of the reconstructed inn.

Open: 930am to 5pm. Closed Tuesdays.
Cost: 400yen admission (includes admission to Former Togawa House – Restored Oshi no Ie in Kamiyoshida)
Parking: up to 90 cars, 2 handicapped, 9 tour buses.
Konohana Open: 10am-5pm every day. ¥1000 ~ ¥1500

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