Fujiyoshida City Emergency Alert App for Smartphones
Fujiyoshida City has published a smartphone application that alerts you to emergency announcements so you can keep up with the latest infomation.

Fujiyoshida City Disaster Prevention App (Electronic Safety Notification Service)

The city offers a mobile notification service which sends safety warnings directly to your phone. This comes in handy in the event that you are unable to hear or understand announcements over the city-wide loudspeaker system (bousai-musen). The service is currently only in Japanese. We recommend installing the application and copy/pasting to a translation service if necessary.

⮞⮞Google Play App Link⮜⮜
⮞⮞Apple Store App Link⮜⮜

Fujiyoshida City Safety Mail Magazine (If you're unable to install the Disaster Prevention App or if you prefer email notifications)

Fujiyoshida City also offers a service that sends the contents of the city-wide loudspeaker announcements as an email to your email address in real-time. As with the Disaster Prevention App, this Mail Magazine is currently offered only in Japanese. Register for the email updates by clicking the link below and registering your email address. You must click the link in the confirmation email, and confirm your subscription. Detailed instructions below.

⮞⮞Fujiyoshida City Safety Mail Magazine Registration Link⮜⮜

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