2024 Mt. Fuji Climbing Season Regulations
Yamanashi Prefecture is changing policy for Climbing Mt. Fuji in 2024. This information applies specifically to the Yoshida-Guchi Climbing Trail during climbing season from July 1st - September 10th.

New Rules and Guidelines

5th Station Climbing Entrance Closed from 4pm - 3am
There will be a gate at the 5th station which will be closed from 4pm to 3am every day. Climbers without a mountain hut reservation will not be allowed to pass at this time. This policy is designed to deter "bullet-climbers" who attempt to climb the mountain in little time with improper preparation, and who often cause emergency rescue situations.

Climber Limit
The limit on climbers will be 4000 per day. If the limit is reached, the gate at the 5th station may close earlier than 4pm. For reference, during the 2023 climbing season, this happened on 5 occasions, usually during the busy Obon Holiday season in August.

Entrance Fee
There will be a mandatory 2000yen entrance fee, and requested 1000yen donation to climb Mt. Fuji (total 3000yen).

There may be security at the 5th station gate to ensure that climbers are prepared to climb the mountain (they may check that climbers have appropriate gear, for example that they are wearing more than t-shirts and sandals). Unprepared climbers may be stopped.

*There is some conflicting information about these rules, and Yamanashi Prefecture has yet to completely clarify the new policy, so please be aware that this information may change.

Off-Season Climbing

Mt. Fuji Off Season is from September 11th - June 30th, and separate rules and guidelines apply. Please see the link below:

    Mt. Fuji Off Season Climbing

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