Off-Season Climbing
The International Affairs Desk at Fujiyoshida City Hall highly discourages off-season climbing

Risks of Off-Season Climbing

People will often underestimate the severity of off-season climbing conditions on Mount Fuji, and understandably so. At 3,776 meters, Mount Fuji's elevation pales in comparison to her fellow famed peaks. Be that as it may, there are still many things to be weary of when considering an off-season ascent:

Mount Fuji is a standalone peak with no surrounding barriers to break the wind. As a result wind gusts can be incredibly hazardous and have claimed the lives of unsuspecting climbers
Due to its steep slopes and lack of vegetation Mount Fuji is particularly prone to avalanches. A large scale avalanche wiped out parts of the trails and facilities in early 2014
Hypothermia is a life-threatening condition that occurs as a result of over-exposure to cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Core temperatures drop
During the winter off-season the following services are unavailable on Mount Fuji
Rescue Personnel Mountain Huts Facilities Transportation


The International Affairs Desk at Fujiyoshida City Hall highly discourages off-season climbing
Prospective climbers should be experienced winter alpinists with the appropriate equipment to safely complete the ascent.
Climbers who intend to climb despite the risks must be weary of the following protocol:
An off-season ascent necessitates paperwork to be filed with Yamanashi Prefecture Police Department.

This paperwork must be downloaded, filled out in its entirety and submitted to the Police Department directly via email attachment or fax. (E-mail address and fax number provided on the form). Climbers will not receive notice that the form was received.

Police Climbing Plan Form

For more information regarding off-season climbing risk and protocol please contact the Coorinator for International Relations at the International Affairs Desk: iadfuji@city.fujiyoshida.lg.jp

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