Notification of Birth 出生届(しゅっせいとどけ) "shussei - todoke"
Congratulations of registering a birth of a new child!

Where to Register:

Citizen's Affairs Section Service Desk (shimin-ka-madoguchi)
Fujiyoshida City Hall (First Floor)
(0555) 22-1111 ext. 145・149

First Floor

When to Register: It should be registered at Fujiyoshida City Hall within 14 days of giving birth.

Necessary Documents:

・Birth Certificate (shussan - shoumeishou) from the hospital
Mother-Child Health Handbook (boshi-techou) which is given during pregnancy registration (ninshin - todoke)
・Personal Seal (inkan)
・National Health Insurance Card (kokumin-kenkou-hokenshou) ***for those who are covered by national health insurance.

※ You must register the birth of a child in order to receive child-care allowance payments. (jidou-teate)

Inquiries about contents
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