Trash Collection & Recycling
The Japanese Waste Management System is quite strict and well-regulated. Fujiyoshida also has a Beautification Center.

Neighborhood Trash Collection

・each neighborhood has its own designated trash collection site & collection dates
・Please familiarize yourself with yours & abide by the rules.
・Below are the 3 types of trash that can be disposed at your neighborhood trash collection site.

BURNABLE TRASH 燃えるごみ ( moerugomi )

collected 3 times a week
(collection days differ by neighborhood)

Burnable trash must be placed in designated bags and disposed on designated days at your neighborhood trash collection site.

examples of "burnable" trash:

- VINYL/PLASTICS (not PET bottles)
- BRANCHES/LEAVES (limit 2 bags)

Nonburnable Trash 燃えないごみ ( moenaigomi )

collected once a week
(collection days differ by neighborhood)

non-burnables must be disposed in the appropriate containers.
The containers are color-coded (see right)

separation of non-burnables:

CANS (steel and aluminium)
OTHER (metals, etc.)

*rinse cans & glass bottles
*remove lids & caps from glass bottles
*there is a size limit to miscellaneous items
(refer to "bulky waste" for large items)

Paper 紙(kami)

Monday: Saiwaicho, Ochayamachi, Akebonocho, Bentencho, Nishimarubi, Akasaka, Fuyodai, Tatsugaoka, Midorigaoka
Tuesday: Shinya, Chuoku, Nishicho, Nakamura, Shinmachi, Miyashitacho, Kotobuki-danchi, Fujimigaki
Wednesday: Azumacho, Nakacho, Oasumi, Mukaibara, Kaneyama, Shiraitocho, Kotobukicho
Thursday Koasumi, Kamijuku Nishiyoshida, Matsuyama (Shinnishijuku 1&2, south side of the bypass), Asahicho, Asamacho, Fujimicho
Friday Araya, Kamijuku, Tokiwadai,
Matsuyama (Shinnishijuku 3, 4 & 5),

Saturday Nakazone, Nakajuku, Shimojuku

examples of "paper waste":

- NEWSPAPERS (ads & flyers)
- PERIODICALS (magazines, manga, etc.)
- BOOKS (dictionaries, textbooks, etc)
- CARDBOARD (household cardboard)

*do not dispose of paper waste on days
when it is raining or snowing.
Wet paper cannot be recycled.

*items that are heavily soiled or sticky
can not be recycled or treated.

Beutification Center (美化センター / Bika - Senta)

・Large volumes of trash (anything that exceeds typical output as a result of cleaning or moving for example)
should always be brought directly to the Beautification Center
・Bulky Waste (see below) should always be brought directly to the Beautification Center.
(it will not be picked up at your neighborhood collection site

Access & Information

■ Address
690 Koasumi, Fujiyoshida City
Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0002

■ Phone

■ Days of Operation
Monday - Saturday
(except national holidays)

■ Hours
9:00-15:00 (Sat. 9:00-12:00)

Closed: Sundays


- HOUSEHOLD: \20 per 10kg

- COMMERCIAL: \170 per 10kg

*long, burnable items (over 1m) must be cut (under 50cm in length / 5cm in width

*excess string & fabric should be cut to under 2m

*items should be separated into burnable & non-burnable items before arrival (there is a handling fee if not)

BULKY WASTE 粗大ごみ (sodaigomi)

those who cannot bring their bulky waste to the Beautification Center directly must use the paid collection service
(paid collection service dates will be posted in the monthly
Fujiyoshida public relations magazine)

Examples of Bulky Waste:

- Furniture (exludes tatami mats)
- Home Electronics (excludes televisions, computers,
 refrigerators, freezers, washing machines & dryers
- Futons (limit 5) & Mattresses
- Gas Ranges (no gas cylinders)
- Stoves and Heaters (must empty fuel)
- Bicycles (not motorbikes)

*Materials such as steel cannot be treated

*Small electronic home appliances are also accepted at designated neighborhood recycle stations.

Recycling Stations

・Each neighborhood has a designated recycle station & collection date.
・However, recycling services are available at the following sites 8:30~17:00 daily (except weekends)
 ★Kamiyoshida, ★Shimoyoshida, ★Asumi, ★Kamikurechi Community Centers & ★Daiyon Hoikuen Preschool
 & at the Beautification Center (see above) during days and hours of operation.

Recycling 資源ごみ (shigengomi)

Items to Recycles:

- Paper Waste (also collected once a week
 at neighborhood trash collection sites - see above
- Pet Bottles (remove caps & labels, and rinse)
- Styrofoam (trays & boxes)
- Cooking Oil (pour into plastic bottles)
- Batteries / Lithium Ion Batteries

PDF Lists
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A comprehensive guide compiled by Jean Chang
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