Notifications (届出), Registrations (登録) & Certification (証明) Services at City Hall
The following services are available at the Fujiyoshida Citizen's Affairs Office (the first floor counter). Please take a number and wait to be called.

Notifications[ 届出(とどけで)"todokede" ]

Type of Notification When to Submit Who can Submit What to Bring
"shussei - todoke"
Notification of Birth
Within 14 days
of birth
the father or mother Birth certificate, personal seal, mother-child health handbook
(if you are a resident of Fujiyoshida, you will file the necessary paperwork for child-support payments (jido-téaté) at the same time)
"konin - todoke"
Notification of Marriage
Anytime the groom or bride Notification of marriage form (filled out prior), personal seals of both parties, ★for foreigners: documentation from the embassy that certifies your eligibility of marriage (of age, unmarried, etc.)
"shibo - todoke"
Notification of Death
Within 7 days
of death
family members Death certificate, personal seal of person submitting the notification, national health insurance card and national pension handbook of the deceased (only those who apply)
"tenseki - todoke"
Notification of Transfer of Family Register
Anytime member of family register or spouse Transfer of family register form, personal seals of the member of the family register and spouse, copy of family register (not necessary if transferring within Fujiyoshida City)
"rikon - todoke"
Notification of Divorce
Anytime the husband or wife Notification of divorce form, personal seals of both parties, copy of family register (for those without a family register in Fujiyoshida), national health insurance card (only those who apply)

Registrations [ 登録(とうろく)"toroku" ]

住民登録(じゅうみんとうろく)"jumin-toroku"Registation of Residency

Type of Registration When to Register Who can Register What to Bring
"tennyu - todoke"
Registration of moving into the city
Within 14 days
of moving in

The individual who is moving or a member of their household

(in the event that another third party will register on your behalf, they must present a power of attorney)
personal seal, your registration of moving out of your previous municipality, national pension handbook (for those who apply), individual number card
"tenshutsu - todoke"
Registration of moving out of the city
Within 14 days
before or after moving out
personal seal, personal seal registration (only those who apply), national pension handbook (only those who apply), individual number card
"tenkyo - todoke"
Registration of change of address (within the city)
Within 14 days
of moving
personal seal, national health insurance card and national pension handbook (only those who apply), individual number card

印鑑登録(いんかんとうろく)"inkan-toroku"Registration of Personal Seal

How to Register What to Bring Registration Requirements
① If you have an official photo ID
 Your registration will be completed on the same day
・your personal seal
・your official photo ID

・Must be larger than 8mm & smaller than 25mm

・Must be the same name as found on your resident registration

・May not be made of rubber

・May not be damaged or overly worn & hard to read

・Must have a border
② If you do not have an official ID
your registration will not be completed on the same day

< The registration process >
1. A confirmation form will be sent to your address after you
apply to register your personal seal at city hall.
2. Fill out the confirmation form and bring it to city hall within
14 days of receiving along with your personal seal and an
alternative photo ID
1. When you first apply at city hall:
 ・your personal seal
 ・2 forms of unofficial ID

2. When you return for the second time:
 ・confirmation form
 ・your personal seal
 ・unofficial ID
③ If you have a letter of guarantee
 (your guarantor must be someone who has a
registered personal seal in Fujiyoshida City.
・your personal seal
・2 forms of unofficial ID
・guarantor's personal seal registration
・guarantor's registered personal seal
・guarantor's ID
※ your guarantor should accompany you

※ "Official Picture ID" refers to an individual number card, driver's license, passport or zairyu card

Certificates[ 証明(しょうめい)"shomei" ]

Type of Certificate Unit Fees
戸籍謄本(こせきとうほん)・ 抄本(しょうほん)
"koseki - tohon" or "shohon"
Family Register (full or abridged)
1 450 yen
除籍謄本(じょせきとうほん)・ 抄本(しょうほん)
"joseki - tohon" or "shohon"
Copy of Removal from Family Register (full or abridged)
1 750 yen
改製原戸籍謄本(かいせいげんこせきとうほん)・ 抄本(しょうほん)
"kaiseigen - koseki - tohon" or "shohon"
Original, Un-amended Family Register (full or abridged)
1 750 yen
"koseki - kisai - jiko - shomeisho"
Certificate of Records in Family Register
1 350 yen
"juri - shomeisho"
Certificate of Acceptance
1 350 yen
"koseki - fuhyo - no - tohon"
Supplementary Family Register (full or abridged)
1 300 yen
"mibun - shomeisho"
Personal Identification Papers
1 350 yen
Certificate of Residence
1 300 yen
"inkan - toroku - shomeisho"
Certificate of Registration of Personal Seal
1 300 yen
"sonota - shomei"
Other Certificates
1 300 yen

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